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Samsung XL2370 Monitor Unboxing & Review.| Booredatwork.com

In this video, we so an unboxing and a full review of the Samsung SyncMaster Xl2370 1080p monitor. Which has a HDMI, DVI and Analog source input. Hopeful you enjoy this review
Ozzy Ozburn : 11 years and i have two of them perfectly working, just the power supply of the one of them fail ! i get another and still both ok today, very nice product, the only thing i miss is the VESA to add this on a monitor support.
bellicromanx : Is there any sort of flickering in this monitor when viewed directly? I can see a lot in this vid for e.g, at 5:19.
Booredatwork.com : @MegaAkash89 yes it is a 1080p monitor

Kevin Lee : i got mine for $198 total. I bought it redurbish , but it looks and play like new.
Kevin Lee : @XxFlashTuTorialsxX its a tv/monitor so yes you can play it

Jacob Young : @TheSpykerX you can always get the HDMI adapter thing for xbox, where it plugs into the HDMI slot and also has the analog audio jacks and stuff.
Jacob Young : can you play xbox on this?

Chris : @saaaimen yh but thats just more money for me to spend... and dvi is better yes i got 2 dvi monitors but never mind it don't matter aint gonna get this anyway so yh
Simon H : @chrisdeaton ever heard of a DVI-VGA adapter?
Simon H : @olivierhacking they're normally off except for the power LED, they stay on about 8 seconds. so sometimes they disappear when you're idling in a menu so you have to touch them again, but it's no hassle.

Samsung XL2370 Review - Playstation 3 and Xbox 360

A review on Samsung XL2370, hooked up on a PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.\r
Post questions that you have. Thanks for watching.
#ck010 : if you put your ps3 on it do you have sound also ?
gogo cat : u talked 2 min of rubbish then u go into the real scene
tlegowo : @purplebravery10 buy the PC version of the xbox games ;)
Molly Papin : i have a toshiba flatscreen. its nice. can i play xbox games on my computer tower? or doi have to buy the xbox?

Viyo Bit : TV is also thanks
Matador : So could I plug my Turtle Beach PX21's with it?
tlegowo : @MrPtySieQ yes you can, there is a 3.5mm audio jack behind it, but you need to both audio and video input through hdmi to the monitor.
MrPtySieQ : Can i use my headphones with it ?.
isurfu2ube : which monitor is better? XL2370 or PX2370??
Devin Coyne : @Camorra7 are you using hdmi? if so, try holding down the power button for like 10 seconds. it resets the video settings or something. worked for me.

Samsung 23'' SyncMaster XL2370-1 LED Monitor Review

The Samsung XL2370-1 23" widescreen LCD monitor features an LED backlight that yields a brighter screen, yet requires less energy, and contains no halogen, mercury or lead. The XL2370-1 also features a Samsung Touch of Color finish that appears to be a liquid black in ambient light, and reveals a rich charcoal gray gradation in brighter light. A crystal-like acrylic neck and bezel trim add to the luxurious feel. The Samsung innovations continue with a 5,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, and measuring just 3/4" at the top, the XL2370-1 is stylishly thin.
Sophisticated Design
The graceful design features a Samsung Touch of Color gray finish that appears to be a rich, liquid black in ambient light, and reveals a charcoal gray gradation in brighter light. A crystal-like acrylic neck and bezel trim add to the luxurious feel, as do the bezel Starlight Touch Controls that appear at the touch of a finger, then fade away.

Eco-Friendly Unlike a CCFL backlight, the LED backlight contains no halogen, mercury or lead. Additionally the Touch of Color process eliminates the use of spray paints and harmful VOCs and the monitor uses up to 33% less power which reduces the amount of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere.

Mega Dynamic Contrast Ratio
Don't be afraid of the dark. Or the light. The XL2370-1 ensures your dark and light colors are never compromised. It uses a mega dynamic contrast ratio of 5,000,000:1 which produces more detail than ever. Partnered with a response time of only 2ms, images are clearer, more vivid and more likely to move you to the edge of your seat with full HD.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Airborn14/345260242213422
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/airborn14
KEEVVY : I wonder why sumsung monitors are not that great today, I just loved bx2335 touch lited controls
Alexgynvideos : 3d?
Mohammed Malkawi : haw much this screen naw ??
Diego : @springer841 thanks
Simon H : @MrSmileyman69 yeah lots of people do this
Matador : Is this good for plugging my Xbox 360 to and still use it as a computer at the same time?
oldinternets : Loved the review! So sorry you're mute man.
ikpakje4 : Where´s the review?
Fernando Oliveira : very nice demo and monitor, congratulations.
Diego : @hardknocks87 It's a computer monitor. It has 1 HDMI output.




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