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SDI vs. HDMI | What's the Difference?

Jake from B\u0026H takes a look at the differences between SDI and HDMI as they pertain to video workflow. SDI is a professional standard, while HDMI is more consumer-geared, but check the video out for more specific features that set these two formats apart.

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CirkusBolgen : You're swallowing the ends of your sentences, and not enunciating clearly enough. Thank you for the video
Nicola Kountoupes : why does this renaissance painting have a man in a t-shirt talking?
Davysprocket213 : He meant, “Fewer cables equals less hassle.”
AK47 GAMES : SDI is best..
ZENIGMATV : Love Fiber and SDI. Hdmi often has problems plus the fitting aren’t secure.
Iain Christie : Great all round video. Only criticism is some of the figures are a little misleading as you are never going to even come close to 900ft on anything greater than SD. Even 300ft is pushing the edge of reliability for HD.
Martinz show : The background music is too loud, it is distracting. I can listen to this technical crap all day long, but not when the music is keeping me from hearing what is being said.
hardik rathod : which SDI monitor should i choose for Black Magic Ursa Mini Pro G2.
MDHenry4 Henry : Why did the industry ditch the HDMID?
Yusuf Aslanyurek : 1- do I need an SDI input monitor to get 10bit or HDMI(or DP) will do the job?
2- can we use dual monitor setup with geforce card + cheap quadro to get 10 bit picture on 2 monitor or doesn't work that way?
3- if second question negative can I use Blackmagic Design DeckLink Studio 4K 6G-SDI to get 10 bit signal on second monitor? I'll be using geforce on main monitor.

HDSDI Cameras VS IP Cameras

In this video, we will demonstrate why HD-SDI cameras are more suitable and easier to use than IP cameras. HDSDI cameras vs. IP cameras has been a long debated topic that offers controversial views depending on your technical knowledge of network configurations. HDSDI cameras use the same coax RG/59 or RG/6 cable found in many current standard analog CCTV installations. To upgrade to HDSDI you simply need to just replace the old analog camera with the High Definition HDSDI camera as well as replacing the DVR to achieve HD quality video. IP cameras are much different. IP cameras use network cabling, which requires the full removal of old analog cable and replace it with network cat5 cable to get High Def video. Many installers will try to convince the customer to switch to IP cameras just to charge extra money to run new cabling and to also "Program" the IP cameras to connect to a network video server. Watch the video for yourself....see the difference in the movement FPS (frames per second) achieved when deploying HDSDI cameras vs. IP cameras

You can view more about our products here: http://www.worldeyecam.com
Matt Hankins : Works as designed>>>t.co/8GI9ISNHQI Easy to set up. Picture quality was great.
xpertcrush : only my right ear enjoyed
zombiekush760 : Trying to clear out old inventory
Joe : Why are you comparing 30 frames per second vs 5-15 frames per second. Then you compare 1080p to megapixel, how many megapixel? Worthless comparison
traderjay : Full of inaccurate information.
Dan Morlan : This is about a deceptive as can be.  HDSDI is very picky with its cable requirements. Most cables that come in budget CC TV kits are not RG59 and therefore cannot carry the 1080 signal.  Not to mention you're still dealing with the limitations of 12v power systerms (their distance).  IP based systems use a digital signal, much more interference resistant Cat5 cabling, and with POE compliant cameras and splitters, you can run the power and network in one cable over longer distances.  

Your video presentation here is a completely dishonest comparison of IP vs any form of analog video.  Frame rates are affected by numerous influences but the simple fact is a standard 100mb network can easily push 1080p video, and nearly every ip camera has a secondary and mobIle streams for low band with viewing solutions while still recording in HD.  Sure, trying to watch a 3megapixel ip camera stream over a cell phone will probably cause the slow frame rates, but I can't imagine too many people will do that.

Network cabling IS the future and converting to it now will allow you to be much more future proof than any analog system.
J C : Nice presentation. As a point of information, HD-SDI does not carry 1080p. HD-SDI can only carry 720p and 1080i. Dual HD-SDI on through 3g-12g carry 1080p.
Ouroborooos : They sell HDSDI cameras ?
Matthew Nederlanden : This isn't even close to true. IP cameras can do up to 60 FPS.
-Matt, owner of Security Camera Warehouse
David Ko : Great post. I have been in the CCTV business for over 15 years and one of the things my customers always wanted was cost effective high quality video. Before HD-SDI the only cost effective way to record high quality video was to use IP based systems. Both systems have the Pro;s and Con's and I installed IP system prior to HD-SDI. But lately I am advising my customer to go the HD-SDI route because it is cheaper, more reliable, and easier to maintain and configure with no Video hiccups.

HDSDI vs D1 Analog

is a Digital Video Recorder with a quad core CPU \u0026 True High Definition recording \u0026 output. Allowing up to 1080p High definition Realtime recording

2 Internal SATA ports allowing up to 8TB of storage
1 external eSATA ports allow up to 12 TB of storage
2 USB ports 1 for mouse and one for backup
1 channel VOIP allowing two way audio over the internet.

The iSite GenX2 1080p Quad Core CPU allows for all channel simultaneous real time playback at high def 1080p. The all-new color-coded search feature makes finding footage easier than ever, allowing you to search accurate to the second and also search by Motion Detect or Alarm.




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